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How can I use my mobile phone to place a bet?

SBOTOP WAP mobile service works similarly like SBOTOP's online betting website, with easy and simple navigation allowing you to place bets conveniently and quickly with your mobile phone.

You must have a SBOTOP account to use SBOTOP WAP mobile service. Open your SBOTOP account now!

To place a bet with SBOTOP WAP mobile service using your mobile phone, please follow the steps below.

  1. Enter on your mobile phone to access SBOTOP WAP.
  2. Enter your SBOTOP login name and password, and select your preferred language to sign in to SBOTOP WAP.

    Login Details: Use the same login name and password that you use to sign in to SBOTOP's website to sign in to SBOTOP WAP.

    Available Languages
    : SBOTOP WAP mobile service is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

  3. Select a betting market (e.g. Today) and select a sport (e.g. Football) to view the events offered.
  4. Click on a league to view the events offered under the league.

    Due to display restrictions on mobile phones, events are categorized according to their leagues in SBOTOP WAP.

  5. Click on the event you wish to bet on to open up the bet ticket. Check the information displayed on the bet ticket to ensure that the bet details are correct.

    The minimum and maximum bet amounts for the particular event are shown above the stake field of your bet ticket.

  6. Enter your stake and click Place Bet to place a bet.
  7. Check the bet you have made by clicking on the Bet List link.

Learn how to use SBOTOP WAP with our demo tutorial: How do I use SBOTOP WAP mobile service?