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How do I place a live bet in SBOTOP Sports?

Live betting is an exciting form of wagering allowing you to place bets on events that are ongoing at the same time when you are browsing the odds on SBOTOP's website. To place a live bet in SBOTOP Sports, please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your SBOTOP account and click on the Sports tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Select a sport from the left menu (e.g. Football) and a betting market (Live, Today or Outright) to view the live events offered.

    Sports events offering live betting are highlighted in red under the sports menu and markets menu. Live events are also highlighted in the odds display page in red background color.

  3. Scroll to the live event you wish to place a bet on and click on the odds of the desired team or player to place a live bet. Clicking on the odds opens up the live bet ticket on the left panel of the page.

    Click on the [+] button to view more betting options for an event.

  4. Check the information displayed on the live bet ticket to ensure that the bet details are correct.

    Auto Refresh Odds: Tick the checkbox located at the top right corner of your live bet ticket to enable the auto refresh odds feature. Enabling this feature allows your live bet ticket to be automatically refreshed ensuring that you are updated with the latest odds that SBOTOP offers.

    Accept Any Odds
    : Tick the Accept any odds checkbox to allow our system to accept any odds if the odds fluctuate when you process the bet. Enabling this feature means both increased and decreased odds will be accepted. This feature is not available or applicable to bets on Cricket.

  5. Enter your stake and click the Place Bet button to place a live bet or Cancel to abort the live bet.

    Maximum Payout:
    Once you have entered your stake, the maximum payout on your live bet ticket is automatically updated to display the maximum amount you could possibly win with your stake amount.

    Minimum and Maximum Bet:
    If the stake amount you have entered is lower than the minimum bet or higher than the maximum bet for your selected live event, you will be notified via an alert message box that the system has automatically adjusted your stake to meet the bet limits for the live event.

  6. Your live bet is not accepted immediately once you confirm the bet. Instead, there is a slight delay during the processing of your live bet where the status of your bet is kept as “Waiting”. For more details on the terms for the acceptance of a live bet, please read our Sports Betting Rules.
  7. Click on My Bets to check the bet you have made.

    Live Bet: Live bets that are pending acceptance are tagged as “Waiting” under the status column in the bet list full page while live bets that have been accepted by SBOTOP are tagged as “Running”.