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168% SBO Live Casino Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions [USD]

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How it works?

  1. Make an initial deposit and we will credit 168% deposit bonus up to USD 100 to play on SBO Live Casino
  3. 30x Rollover on both your deposit and bonus.


  1. Casino Deposit Bonus applies to Cambodia (USD) accounts only.
  3. To join the promotion, the customer must enter the promo code on the registration page.
  5. Applies to new account holders with Initial Deposit.
  7. Customers can only participate in ONE (1) promotion at a time. To claim another bonus the current active bonus must be completed or cancelled.
  9. Your account will be automatically credited with the Bonus upon completion of your Initial Deposit. The Bonus amount and Deposit amount used to generate the bonus has to be rollover 30 times before withdrawal is permitted. The Deposit amount not used for the promotion is subject to ONE (1) time rollover.

    For Example: Player A joined the deposit bonus and made an initial deposit of USD 500.

    • Bonus amount: USD 500 x 168% = capped to USD 100.
    • Deposit amount used to generate the bonus: USD 100/168% = USD 50.
    • Deposit amount not used for the promotion: USD 500 – USD 50 = USD 450.
    • Before any withdrawal can be made, Player A is subjected to rollover:
    • (USD 50 + USD 100) x 30 + USD 450 = USD 4,950.

  10. Withdrawal is NOT ALLOWED when the promotion is running unless the required rollover is completed or Promotion Cancelled. Cancellation of Promotion will result in bonus and all the winnings (IF ANY) to be forfeited.
  12. Subsequent deposit is subject to ONE (1) time rollover.
  14. Only bets on SBO Live Casino will be counted towards Casino rollover requirement. 
  16. Cancelled, void, or drawn bets will not be counted towards Casino rollover requirement.

  17. General Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.

  18. Live Casino Gaming Rules apply.

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