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What is a combo parlay?

Combo parlay is a feature of mix parlay that gives you the convenience of placing multiple combinations of bets from the events you selected.

To use the combo parlay feature, you need to select 3 to 8 different events or matches offered for betting from the mix parlay market page. Multiple selections from the same event or match whereby the outcome of one affects the other is not allowed.

The number of events you selected will affect the type of combo parlay feature that you can use. As an example, when you have selected 4 events:

1. Event A (Manchester City vs West Ham United)
2. Event B (Cittadella vs Hellas Verona)
3. Event C (Cordoba vs Osasuna)
4. Event D (Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur)

From the events above, you can choose to use:

• Double (6 bets – 6 combinations of ABACADBCBD, and CD)
• Treble (4 bets – 4 combinations of ABCABDACD, and BCD)
• 4-Folds (1 bet – 1 combination of ABCD)
• DoubleTreble, and 4-Folds (11 bets in total)

Refer to the table below for the total bets that will be generated from your possible selections:

No. of events selected Double Treble 4-Folds 5-Folds 6-Folds 7-Folds 8-Folds
3 3 bets 1 bet          
4 6 bets 4 bets 1 bet        
5 10 bets 10 bets 5 bets 1 bet      
6 15 bets 20 bets 15 bets 6 bets 1 bet    
7 21 bets 35 bets 35 bets 21 bets 7 bets 1 bet  
8 28 bets 56 bets 70 bets 56 bets 28 bets 8 bets 1 bet